1. Ah Hayley, such a huge milestone, but the start of many adventures! I’m so full of pride and admiration at how you’ve taken the last 6 years in your stride, despite the many challenges! You now have 3 gorgeous, well balanced sons, all ready and waiting for their explore into school life! Ok, so I’m a little biased, but you can hopefully now have a little ‘you’ time, starting with a few afternoon hours! Enjoy…. you deserve it sweetie! Oh and Daddy’s doing a great job too! Loving hugs Nanny xxxx

  2. Ahh such a lovely post Hayley and it’s so lovely that they’ve settled in so quickly. They’ve definitely not outgrown you but it is really nice when they come back all full of stories isn’t it? You know you just need to put on some good Netflix in the afternoons, right? 😉

  3. So glad to hear that your boys are getting on well at nursery Hayley, and hope you are feeling that you’re now settling down into your own routine. I remember those few hours at nursery fly past so quickly! Hope you get a little rest time as well as working. It sounds like you’ve earned it after these busy few years! xx

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