1. I know what you mean! Practicality over style! However, I have mostly wooden floors in my house and so I haven’t really seen a carpet getting so worn out! I don’t mind either though – I agree. Our hall and skirting boards are always getting scuffed and muddy, and I don’t mind in the slightest. It means we are all having fun! Lovely post – and THE cutest picture at the end xx

  2. Ha! You have similar conversations to us. I’m desperate for new flooring for downstairs. We chose the carpet without much consideration because we knew we’d be renting the house out for a couple of years. And now we’re back, I have to live with its hideousness! I really want a walnut floor fitting but there’s no way anything new is going down until potty training the littlest is a success 😉

  3. We got a beautiful carpet when we felt Joe was old enough not to ruin it he was 5 and spilt chocolate milkshake all over it, it stank, I don’t think boys ever stop being messy Hayley, I have wood floors now much safer x

  4. I am desperate for wood flooring downstairs- our carpet has seen better days from toddler wear and tear! Can’t believe they are nearly walking! Eeek! Such a cute photo at the end too- they really are the cutest of boys. xx

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