1. Your instagram photos are just gorgeous, such a happy autumnal life at the moment. I have also been reading gift guides! I’m so excited for Christmas x

  2. I love to be organised early too Hayley. I actually like stuff to be bought earlier on so that December can be about baking, festive trips and doing stuff for others with out the stress of my own stuff hanging over head!

    Gutted you forgot your music, I love a good kid free sing a long haha Lovely pics of your lovely fam as always x

    • That’s such a good point Mary, if it’s all done by December you can really enjoy all the fun stuff! I’m going to remember that while I’m busily shopping over the next few weeks 🙂 xx

  3. Ah, I love snuggling with mine, too and I can usually get the boy to do it, but my girl? No chance! I’m getting sucked in to the gift guides, too – feels like Christmas will be here in no time! Gorgeous photos x

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