1. I adore that mug Hayley! Gorgeous! I might have to make a sneaky trip to Matalan to get one as the nordic designed tin mug that you got me as part of the summertime surprise project is one of my favourites. It keeps the hot drink hotter for longer – crucial as you are well aware when you have kiddie winkles!

  2. I love that mug and very nearly bought that set of chalk when I was in Matalan the other day. love how bright and colourful your purchases are! x

  3. OOOOOO I really like the sound of those nail varnishes, and Barry M are deffs my fave generally! I need to go get some haha I love that you used the word “Mooch” it made me laugh, love it and the cup from Matalan, its always a shop I forget about but find great stuff in! Lovely #FiveUnder5 x

    • Haha, I love the word mooch, I use it a lot! Matalan has some lovely home stuff in and their sales are always good. The nail varnishes are amazing, the only ones I’ve tried that don’t chip! xx

  4. I LOVE the mug Hayley and great idea to put colouring pens in. Perfect way for sneaking cups in past the husband lol. I saw the postcards last time I was in Ikea and I very nearly bought some. I wish I had now as they look gorgeous x

  5. I love the enamel mug, it would be great for camping! Hubby would go mad if I bought any more as we are running out of room in our camper van. Lovely colours and your pics are great.

  6. I really, really love the nail polish Hayley and will look out for it. I am so poor at keeping my nail polish in tact (when I’m wearing it), so this could be perfect for me!

  7. I love that mug! I haven’t been into a Matalan for so long! I’m not even sure where my nearest one is to be honest! I will have to look out for that nail varnish, it looks awesome! #fiveunder5 xx

  8. You know, every time I go to Matalan I end up buying loads of home stuff and presents for kids! Love those chalks, I think I’ll have to get some of those for my patio! Love the nail polishes too, always great for a quick cheering up pressie. Thanks so much for joining in, I always love your five under 5! x

  9. I love the playground chalk, we used to go through a phase with Mads where she used to draw all over our patio but we haven’t done it for ages. I might have to get them out again as I think LL would love it too. x

  10. Hayley I so need to try that nail varnish as it never last more than an hour or two on me either, my toes are fine but not my finger nails, I love the barry M glitter polish for my toes too. I love the chalks too, Joe used to have so many happy hours with chalk on the patio when he was little, is something all kiddies should get too enjoy, making hopscotch and drawing pictures and then watching the rain wash them away ready for the next day and a new picture x

    • I’m exactly the same Sarah, I hardly ever bother painting my hand nails as it really only lasts a couple of hours but honestly this stuff is amazing!! I really want to go and get some more as they had some lovely spring shades out xx

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