1. Hayley, you know I think you look incredible & what you have achieved in less than a year is inspirational. You have such determination & it has paid off! x

  2. This is the perfect post to read today. I have just started Slimming World as I am desperately unhappy with my weight. I hate the way I look and know it’s all my own fault with pure indulgent greed
    I hope to look and feel as great as you. I thought you looked just gorgeous at BlogCamp xx

    • Thanks Beth, that is really sweet! I think you look fantastic but I know that it is such a personal thing and feeling happy in yourself can be so easily linked to your weight. I have loved doing Slimming World, it really works for me and I hope you enjoy it too! Will be keeping up to date with your posts and good look xx

  3. You look amazing Hayley but then I think you always look amazing :). But WOW, 3 stones is fantastic and really well done for doing it gradually. I think slow and steady is the only way to really do it if you want to keep it off as its about changing lifestyle as well and keeping to it isn’t it? Brilliant post!

    • Aww thank you, yes it has had to be slow and steady and I’ve done it in my own time. Like you say you can’t have a quick fix when this is how you want to be for life! I do feel so much more comfortable now and although people may think I didn’t look bad before it was too much for me! Thank you for lovely comment Tas xx

  4. You look fantastic. You’re right it’s all about how you feel too – as I get older I get more confident but I want to be able to run after the kids and also wear a dress that I feel and look good in. You have done so well – I’m trying to follow your example 🙂 xxx

    • You are doing amazing Kerrie, I could see a difference straight away. I think just taking it slow has really helped for me, like you say when you start to feel nice in your clothes it is fab, or suddenly you realise you can chase the kids without getting out of breath! Love seeing you updates xx

  5. What a great post! Hayley you look fantastic! I thought you looked very slim when I saw you at BlogOn 🙂 Well done you and Congratulations! xx

  6. Hi Hayley, Omg you’ve done so well in a year!! You must have worked so hard. A huge well done. I really admire you for setting your mind to it and doing it. I think I saw you at BlogonMosi? I hadn’t really been over to your blog then but I remember saying to myself what a pretty lady you were. Lots of luck, I hope you continue to enjoy the benefits and stay motivated. xx

    • Thank you for such a lovely comment. Yes, I think I did see you at Blog On but I didn’t know it was you! That is really kind of you, it’s strange because even though it hasn’t been easy I wouldn’t say it was awfully hard either, maybe the rewards outweigh the tough parts 🙂 xx

  7. Wow Hayley I honestly had no idea! Having met you at Karens I only have that picture of you in my mind. You have lost so much, good on you!!!!!! x

    • Haha, that’s why I had to write it Kate so people who see me now realise that don’t just think I’m slim without any effort…there is effort!! Thank you lovely xx

  8. This is a brilliant, motivating and inspirational post. I’ve been like you and not happy but I’ve now lost 5 stone. You look absolutely beautiful lovely lady. I still want to lose 2 more stone. We’ll see how I get on. May have to try slimming world. I hear so many great thinks. Can’t wait for you to link this up and inspire others in the same position. Well done gorgeous. Xxxx

    • Wow, 5 stone Kate, that is incredible. I wouldn’t have even known you had that to loose but I think getting fit and healthy is such an individual journey. Thank you so much for lovely comment xxx eek…I jumped the gun with your linky logo but will be excitingly joining in next week! xxx

  9. Congrats on your weight loss!!! You look so beautiful!! It’s so hard to admit to yourself that you’re unhappy with your appearance and have the courage to work hard to change it. It feels like it’s a lot easier to lay around and feel bad about yourself until that moment when you’re like ENOUGH and make a change, and then it’s so much easier than you thought it would be. So proud of you 🙂

    • Aww Tina, what a lovely comment, thank you so much. You have no idea how much I appreciate it! Yes, enough was definitely enough and I have been thinking, why didn’t I do this years ago?! Haha, Thank you xx

  10. Wow, you’ve done so so well. It’s a real inspiration! I think when it clicks, it just clicks, and you can only lose weight long term for yourself. You should be really proud of yourself, you look amazing! #sharewithme

  11. Wow what an honest post, and I had no idea. But you look so happy and fabulous to me all the time that I’d never have known. You do need to feel good about yourself and if that is exercise or eating more healthy then that’s great. As everyone has said already, it’s about loving yourself and then you’ll be your most confident. Go you xxxxxx

    • Thanks so much Jess, I know I feel like I should write it for people who only know me the size I am now. I hardly ever posted any full length photos of me on the blog so I kind of wanted to go on the record and say that it takes effort for me to look this way, haha! xxxx

  12. Hayley, you look amazing and well done you for all the hard work. I think it is all about confidence when it comes to weight and appearance. I know that when I have put on a few pounds (self inflicted by wine and chocolate) I feel low and it really makes me feel down.
    I’m really glad you decided to share this post, I’m sure it will be an inspiration to lots of people reading xxx

    • Thanks Jo, that really means a lot! I think you are right, it was getting my down in so many ways and I can only really see it now looking back. Just feel so much more positive about everything now! Still love my wine and chocolate though 🙂 xx

  13. Hayley you look incredible. You looked beautiful before but what a happy and inspirational post. Your outlook to weight loss sounds similar to mine. My weakness is definitely pizza, it’s my favourite thing, but now I try and eat in moderation rather than eat it all the time- same goes with the sweet stuff, snacking in the evenings is my weakness. I go through phases when I am really good and then phases like at the moment, where I am not so motivated. But I will never go back to how I was. You look amazing and you should be so proud of yourself- how inspiring. x

    • Thank you so much, I really do appreciate your comment Katie! Haha, you are just like me pizza and chocolaty snacks, like you say I still enjoy them just not all the time. I don’t know what I was thinking eating the way I was, I will never go back to that either. I have found your fitness journey so inspiring, it really does help to read your journey too xx

  14. You look beautiful!! It does take courage to face it and bravery to tackle it. I did the same during the long summer break between first and second years at uni. I lost three stone and touch wood have managed to keep most (!?!?) of it off. Well done Hayley for finding the courage and the determination xxxx

    • Wow Lisa that’s amazing!! Well done you, this is it now I will keep this off, obviously there will be times when I put a little on but never, ever am I going back to what I was! Thank you so much for your comment xx

  15. Ah, Hayley this post is so inspiring and I think it was very brave of you to share your story. You are absolutely beautiful and I hope this weightloss has given you a confidence boost. I totally understand how you feel about not wanting to share your journey with people. I started slimming word 7 weeks ago and I haven’t told anyone (in ‘real life’) except my other half. I’m not after a big weightloss but I feel I will be happier to back to my pre-pregnancy weight again. Like you, I didn’t put weight on during pregnancy but it was afterwards – I eat when I’m bored and lonely (which is quite often when I’m at home on my own all day). The SW plan is starting to become second nature now and I know what the right choices are from day to day – I just hope I can stick at it.

    Well done, you should be so proud of yourself. 🙂 xxx

    • I’m sure you will Jenna, it is quite easy to stick with I think because it is always there to pick up with you have a bad day or week and that is what keeps the weight off me now, I always go back to eating healthily rather than carrying on gorging myself! I think if you are doing it for yourself you don’t have to share with people, it is quite nice to just keep doing it quietly, good luck with yours I’m sure you will do well on it. Thank you for your lovely comment too, it was quite a scary one for me to post so I really appreciate it xxx

  16. You look beautiful Hayley, as you did before but I can totally understand how you felt. I put on a lot of weight when I first started going out with Mr C. All we used to do was go out and drink pints of beer then lie in bed all weekend and eat! I can remember seeing a photo of myself and being in total shock, I was in denial in my head about how big I actually was. It is hard though because for so many people food is so much more than a way of getting energy. I can never not have a snack in the evening even when I’m not hungry, it’s like the idea of eating is always there in the back of my mind! Well done though, you’ve done amazingly well and all in under a year! xx

    • Thank you Jess, such a lovely comment. That is exactly what happened to me and I look back and think, ‘what was I thinking?’ The thing is as well that a persons size and shape is so individual so the size I’m happy with someone else might not be. It is strange how food is linked to so many other things than just being hungry and I guess a lot of this for me has been about learning to recognise that. I couldn’t ever go back now, just so much happier. Thank you xxx

  17. You look fantastic. I love seeing ‘normal’ people being successful at losing weight, especially super busy mums. Good luck with the next part of your journey

  18. omg Hayley how did you keep this quiet you are so tiny and look incredible well done you for sharing this will inspire so many other people, I lost a stone last year and blogged my weight weekly to keep myself under pressure so I had to stick to it, its funny how we are all so different. You look amazing beautiful lady xxx

    • Thank you so much Sarah, I can’t tell you how much comments like this mean to me when it was such a difficult post to write. I think whatever weight you have to lose you still have to go about it in the best way for you, it is so great too that you could set your targets and see the journey as you wrote about it! xxx

  19. Huge huge congrats to you. And you know I think you look amazing and always have but so proud of you and glad you feel so much better abut yourself because that’s what matters most not how you look but how you feel. I am so proud of you for sharing your journey. It motivates and inspires others hunny. Way to go! Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

    • Thank you Jenny, you definitely gave me the kick up the bum to finally finish and press publish! It means so much to me to have so many supportive comments and I really do feel so much more like ‘me’ now. I wish I had done it sooner! Thank you so much lovely x

  20. Wow – you look amazing! Well done 🙂 in struggling to lose all the weight is like to after Elodie and have a weakness for pizza too! And crisps. Cheese. Nuts. Bread. Oh and a beer 🙁 I may be trying the weight loss thing for a while xx

  21. LOVE this sweetheart!!! You look amazing but the fact that you feel amazing is the main thing. I’m totally the same. I’ve lost around 2 and a half stone since having the boys. I’ve done it without bells and whistles and only with the support of my boy. Sometimes you need to just go and do something — without the added pressure of everyone knowing — to feel as though you can take the bull by the horns and tackle it properly.

    I will never be a skinny minnie — I’ve always had a big arse and chunky legs — but at least I feel nice about myself now! And with the added bonus that this amazing body carried TWO babies at once!!! It deserves to have a break really!! I should be a bit kinder to it 😉 xxx

    Caro | http://www.thetwinklediaries.co.uk

    • Ah Caro, thank you so much. Gosh, you look amazing! I could see you’d lost a little weight but I would never have known it was so much, I’m just the same I will never ever be super skinny but I am so happy with how I am now. It’s such a personal thing for and I know people who look amazing at a size 18 or a size 8 it’s just about what you are comfortable with. Love that you just went and did it too, you’re such a beauty xxx

  22. I know I’ve commented before but wow. You have done incredibly well lovely lady. You must be feeling amazing. You are super mum. It’s not easy having 3 and trying to focus on losing weight. Thank you for linking this wonderful post to #WellbeingWednesday 🙂 xxx

  23. I think you look amazing, you have done fantastic! So glad to hear you are feeling good too, which is the main thing! Plus always helps to have more energy with the little ones. Honestly you look fab! xx

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