1. I love this Hayley! Have been meaning to do something similar myself but struggling to find the time (still haven’t made our wedding album from over 3 years ago!).
    Your tips are really useful – need to get myself organised I think!

    • I just go ahead and buy the credit and then it forces me to do it! It is hard to make the time to create them but the feeling of excitement when it arrives it worth it! Hope you get to make your wedding album soon, I did one from our wedding and I always go back and have a look through xx

  2. This is such a fab idea Hayley! I have seen this before and at the beginning of the year I set up photo folders for each month this year so hopefully it will be easier to just grab the ones I want for my photo book. I’m hanging on to this post to get some tips for the end of the year! Thank you 🙂

    • Ah, glad you liked it Lauryn. Yes putting the photos into folders is the biggest thing for me, it saves so much time and actually encourages you to make the photo book rahter than keep putting it off. They are so lovely to look back on I would highly recommend making one 🙂

  3. Oh Hayley, I love this. I have all my photographs organised by month on my laptop but other than post a few on my blog, I rarely do anything with them. I might take a couple of weekends, and put them all together like you have. It would be lovely to have a book of my favourites.

  4. I use Snapfish and makes books like this too! I make 3 every January for the year before and love love love it. So much easier than printing out all the photos and putting them in a photo album haha

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