1. What a fab idea Hayley, I am totally going to do this. My life is also not exciting enough to keep a daily diary – all I do is go to & from the Post Office so this would be a nice task to answer a question each week. I can’t wait to see some of your answers

  2. This looks great Hayley, although I think I’d have to careful of not doing too many questions myself as I’m sometimes guilty of not following through on things! It’s true that we don’t always find out the details about loved ones lives before we knew them. We played a Mr and Mrs type family quiz at Christmas and it was really quite enlightening! I too have diaries from my teenage years, along with love letters from my (now) husband and letters passed in class from friends at school. I found them in the loft recently and nearly threw them all out, they made me cringe so much! However, for the same reasons as you I decided to hold on to them. They might give me or my children a good laugh one day! x

    • I have quite a few love letters too between me and my husband from school, I think they are so lovely to keep even if they are incredibly embarrassing. They will definitely give your kids a laugh one day I’m sure! Gives us a good reminder though that we were all young and silly once! Maybe it would be nice to just write a little something whenever you feel the urge, could be interesting to look back on in a few years time 🙂 xx

  3. Katy Shez

    Awwww Hay. I’m sure my mum would like knowing that she has inspired you! Her books and diaries and such a personal insight into her life. I’m sure she didn’t think anyone would ever be interested in them but it turns out….we are!
    I have laughed and cried as I’ve read them but so grateful to have them all in one place (who knew that when I was 6, my Mum and Dad held a party for me and 15 kids in their semi detached house!). It’s my chance to ask questions as a Mum to a Mum. MY Mum!
    I shall be round soon to show you them for real!
    Katy x

    • I definitely want to see them, it’s nice to think of them being shared and bringing joy (no pun intended) to people, I bet she’d be thrilled to know how much they mean to you. Thanks for letting me share your story about them xx

  4. I love these questions and you’ve now got me thinking. It’s such a good way to record good things….else I think there really is the risk of just writing angsty unimportant waffle (like my own teen diaries :)).

  5. Lia

    Love this idea so much I’m going to try one. However I live in Canada I probably won’t be able to buy simular products here. Will have to check staples.

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