1. I haven’t actually read any of these books, but I’ll certainly be looking out a couple of them:) Silver Linings Playbook is such a lovely film, I hadn’t actually realised it was a book aswell! I love book to film adaptions, because as well as reading I also love watching movies. In most cases I like the book best but it can sometimes be difficult to choose 🙂 x

  2. I hardly seem to have time for either books or trips to the movies these days. I read ‘Porno’ before going to see ‘Trainspotting 2’, but it wasn’t much help. I also read ‘High-Rise’ a while ago, but then failed to actually get to the cinema to see the film. But maybe I need to slip the Dave Eggers book into my to-read pile that keeps falling down the travel cot side of the bed.

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