1. Ah I hope Lucas is all better now its awful when they are so poorly and it seems like he has been poorly for ages the pool little thing, Heyley you must read so quickly I am still on the same book I was reading last time you posted A Little Bit Lately I am so so slow, Do you know I have never watched GOT I think we need to catch up on it, have a fab week it sounds like you all so need it xx

  2. Aaah I LOVE this post!!! I need to get back in to reading again but — apart from magazines, and the SimpleThings is one of my faves 🙂 — there just doesn’t ever seem to be time. Everything is so busy at the mo — I feel like a hamster on a wheel!! xx

  3. Sounds like you have been busy ! Lovely picts too… I have let to get into GOT – and I know what you mean about Kimmy I watched 4 episode but not gone back – maybe I need to give it another go. x

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