1. Lovely post. I hope you find your creativity again. You’re right we worry about each stage and usually they do better than we expected. It gets easier all the time. We are still very much in the baby/toddler stage. I do look forward to having bigger adventures as they grow. France sounds exciting. We would like to do eurocamp when our youngest is a bit older.

  2. Ah Hayley sorry to hear you have lost your blogging creativity a little. It’s hard sometimes to keep the momentum going, but I am sure you will get it back. I remember my mum saying to me ‘just enjoy each stage’ as parenting moves on so quickly. I can’t believe my baby will be 15 soon. Your adventure to France sounds exciting, and I am guessing you are visiting your mum. We must have a coffee when the twins go to nursery in September x

  3. Lovely post Hayley, it sounds to me like you have managed fabulously in keeping your blog going stong with three small children to take care of:) Your summer plans sound exciting too! Lots of adventures ahead for your family x

  4. Ahh lovely rambly post. You’re going through that big transition aren’t you? I wonder what that’s like :). We’re still very much in nappies but I do wonder what it’ll be like when we don’t have to worry about all that and E is in nursery. I feel a bit out of the blogging zone recently too and I think It’s because of the bombings and such that’s knocked me a bit. Plus work is super busy and that has to take priority. The France trip sounds so exciting. Can’t wait to see what the boys think of it all 🙂

  5. Love this post Hayley. We’ve just gone back to the baby stage – we did question before I fell pregnant is it the right thing to do as life was getting easier with the girls, but now he is here he completes our family perfectly.

    Enjoy those childfree hours lovely xxx

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