1. Oh dear, it’s horrible when things change and you have no idea why or how to solve it. Hopefully he’ll be back to being fine soon.

    I love to see them all wrapped up toasty warm.

  2. We had a morning just like this although from the minute A woke up until we got to school she was tearful and grizzly. A moody, tired little thing. I blame the lack of sunlight, the cold, the busy school days and so much more. I hope he was fine at pickup time x

  3. Oh bless him! Maybe it is tiredness. Or maybe he is feeling run down or coming down with something. Have you chatted to the teacher? He looks cute and snug in his hat anyway. I’m also finding I’m not taking many photos at the moment.

    • Yes thank you, I had a good chat to her. She said he has been a little unsettled in school but it soon passes and he is back to his usual self. We both agreed probably tiredness and they are doing different things in school with Christmas round the corner so a lot going on. He is doing better already 🙂 xx

  4. You look like you have such a lovely walk for your school run (when it’s not hailing, that is). That park looks really pretty and I bet it looked extra lovely with the frosty leaves. 🙂



  5. It’s easy to let things take over. I sometimes realise I’ve not snapped a photo for a few days. Not a great one at least.

    Hope your little one starts enjoying going to school soon x

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