• Central Perk is lovely, it’s been open for a few years now but not that many people have heard about it, maybe that is part of the beauty of it but I think it is a fab place to visit! xx

    • Oh I’m looking forward to seeing yours, I love that even though we are all local we can still find places that each other haven’t heard of. It does sound like we need a Liverpool meet up going on, I see Sarah is keen too ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  1. Hayley I love this post, I have never been out in Liverpool Center it looks amazing, I want bacon and churros they looks so tasty, and omg Central Perk I need to go there Friends has to be my all time favourite sit com in fact we need to have a little event there that would be amazing , we could all sit on the sofa and drink coffee or wine !!! See I am getting a bit giddy about it ha ha x
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    • It really sounds like we need a Liverpool meet up, that would be fantastic! I bet Karen and Julia know some amazing spots too! Oh you would love Central Perk, it is so much fun…I could sit in there all day and drink coffee and watch Friends! xx

  2. This is brilliant Hayley.
    I love Liverpool too – back in the days that Liverpool was named Capital of Culture I was a travel professional and spent a lot of time there training.

    I sang on the stage at the Caven Club and went around the mersey on the Duck boat… but was also had dance lessons at the Lucha Libre – I was terrible but it was so much fun! x
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    • Oh you definitely should Mary! I really think you would love it, there is so much to see and so much of it is free and reasonable. All the museums and galleries, they have so much going on for kids and the cathedrals are beautiful. If you are going check out Independent Liverpool on Facebook for places to eat and drink that are a little different. I think your family would love it there xx

  3. I love Liverpool. It holds such a special place in my family’s heart. It is where my parents met. And my dad used to sail from the Albert Docks when he was in the merchant navy. At one point, he was in one of the videos played in the maritime museum. But I love these little gems that you have given. Central Perk looks so much fun and the library is stunning. It is always good to get recommendations from a local before you visit anywhere. Hugs Mrs H xxxx
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    • Oh I just love it when a place means so much to you because it hold stories for you and your family. I hope we get to see each other soon so you can tell me more about it, sounds like quite a romantic tale ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

    • I think you would really love Lucha Libre Rachel, so much fun in there. There is so much to see in Liverpool I think it’s just covering the ground when you’ve got a little one in tow but Lucas does surprisingly well xx

  4. Oh you definitely should Sarah, I bet the twins would love it too. Central Perk is so much fun. There is so much to see, we always miss the great places right on our doorstep don’t we? xx

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