1. Ha ha, so funny how serious and stubborn/prescriptive they are about things. Thankfully N’s not too worried about clothes and is fairly laid back but I also get the ‘don’t take photos’ thing #livingarrows

  2. Lovely post, my girls are the same they know their own mind, I need to take more pictures of our school run walk as it is nice to see the changing seasons and watch them grow. I am looking forward to the warmer weather although it does make me sad that time is flying by so fast and their first year in school will be all over before we know it xx

  3. Beautiful boy. Aww he and G and sound so similar. I’ve noticed a huge change in Lil G’s language and how he approaches situations. I hope you have a much brighter February x #livingarrows

  4. It is so wonderful when their own mind emerges, to watch them push the boundaries of their freedom of choice.
    I too miss the days of t-shirts, and am glad we are tiptoeing towards Spring!

  5. He’s lovely and its like his grown up boy personality is now emerging. Hopefully he’ll warm to the lollipop lady soon. We drive to school so z hasnt had that pleasure yet! 🙂

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