1. This is such a lovely photo. I’ve been thinking about the seasons recently too. When I was younger I always thought the seasons barely changed here, but they do. I can’t wait for the sun to return now though x

  2. That is such a cute photo. Snow is so fascinating but I suppose we so so little of it, it would be. We haven’t had any yet which is a real shame as my kids are desperate to get some

  3. Snow is one of the most exciting things of childhood and although our came and went within 15 minutes the children were in awe of it. Beautiful photo, you can see their wonder x

  4. What a beautiful photo! It’s such a lovely moment, perfectly captured. I love that they’re looking at the snow like it’s the first time even though they’ve seen it before.

  5. I can’t believe how often I’ve heard the word ‘snow’ across all media these past couple of weeks but oh how it makes for some magical shots like this one! xx

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