1. I really ought to take my boys swimming, I think it is an important skill, yet I can’t bring myself to go in the winter months! Looks like you guys had a fun experience #triedtested

  2. These sound like such wonderful lessons. LP goes every week on a Wednesday afternoon to lessons at our local leisure centre but a program like Puddle Ducks sounds so much better! x

    • I think most lessons are great if your child is confident in the water but I know Lucas just couldn’t have done it without these tailored lessons, they have really made a difference to both of us xx

  3. Ah swimming confidence is so important, Joe lost his confidence when he was about 7, up to that he could swim like a fish, but has almost forgotten how to swim. He is slowly improving but it was awful to see him loose his confidence x

    • Oh that is a shame, it’s hard isn’t it because you can’t force them to be confident in water it is something that just needs time to develop. I don’t think Lucas will ever really love it, I just want him to know enough to look after himself! xx

  4. Ahhh I’ve been thinking about getting Lyla swimming lessons for her birthday in April! I wasn’t sure if it was pointless and entirely too soon but clearly it’s not!!!!! So glad he’s doing so well 🙂

    • A lot of people start off as soon as they can here but these are more about learning to be happy in the water rather than actual swimming skills, which is perfect for Lucas. I bet Lyla would love it!

  5. So glad it was fab, we loved Puddleducks when Lily was a baby but couldn’t manage it with the twins due to no of hands required! At 3.5 and 4.5 they are all back swimming at local lessons. Love swimming.

    • I know it is hard with twins, Puddle Ducks have been very accommodating though and we are hoping to get the twins into lessons with their help!Good to know that yours enjoy it later on too though!

  6. We did a term at Puddle Ducks and they were great but O just wasn’t a huge fan and he was starting to get upset when I pulled up in the pool car park so we didn’t renew. I keep meaning to try again with him now that he’s a bit older to see if he’s a bit keener. He’s not bothered by the water, I just think he wanted to do his own thing! x

    • Ahh that is a shame, I know we couldn’t have done it with Lucas when he was young but now he is old enough I can explain to him (and bribe him) a little more it seems to have worked! These classes are just right for him as he can go at his own pace, O will get there when he’s ready! xx

  7. Well done Lucas and well done you! Fab post darling! I can’t wait to take the girls. Bit awkward on your own thought right? I will have to convince Matt he HAS to come too! I bet they don’t have a Puddle Ducks round here!! xx

    • Kat you should look into it, ours are very accommodating and would try to help you even on your own with twins. You would think someone would have started twin swimming lessons by now!! I know my twins would love it but I need to get Lucas sorted first then we’ll try them! Thank you! xx

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