1. Hayley!! Paul and I had exactly the same discussion earlier and I said that I want to spend some time videoing the boys. Not to share … just for us to look back on. My current favourite is them saying cue-weed for kiwi. It cracks me up and I’m in absolutely no rush to correct them 🙂 Beautiful photos, too x

  2. How funny about the things they say posts! We totally are on the same wavelength 🙂 I think barracuna has to be one of the best words ever invented, I will definitely be using it. Still haven’t been to Calderstones, I need to go! xx

  3. Beautiful pics Hayley and love the things they are saying. Stuff like that cracks me up too and I do so hope I will remember them. Ethan says the same to me about thats how he says it and I feel a bit bad for stepping in. My fave word from him is cuepumber for cucumber… it was gorgeous in subway when he asked the lady for some on his sandwich haha x

    • It is so sweet isn’t it, I’m just love listening to all the funny things they say rather than correcting them…although I do hope Lucas decides to say twenty properly soon 🙂 xx

  4. So cute! Love it when they get words ‘wrong’…! Harry called Lottie Hattie, even though he can probably say Lottie…it’s adorable! This place looks amazing, I love anything like this – so beautiful xx

  5. Hayley I so get this, I used to love the little words the boys used to say wrong. But were so cute, I love your photos to they are gorgeous, days like this are just so precious aren’t they x

  6. We like taking Little Miss’s nana out for a ride too, and we love all out parks. We’re so lucky to lie within such a short drive to so many.
    Looks like you had a lovely day… and as for the kiddies speech – little miss gets her Ls and Ws mixed up. So cute xXx

  7. Sooooo true. It is the little things that we will miss one day and for all the photos we take I always think we don’t capture enough. I might have to make a resolution for May and record the boys a bit more!

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