Living Arrows


Living Arrows 13

This weekend we walked up to a spot where I remember taking Lucas on our first Autumn in this house, he played in the leaves for so long that day. Sadly the grass had just been cut so the leaves were a little sparse. Instead he started a game of hide and seek which was mostly a game of running round the trees. He would lean against the tree with his eyes closed and count to three (definitely not giving us enough time to run away!) then peek round and chase us usually telling us which way we should be running. I had Brandon in the Ergo and he thought it was the funniest thing when we turned round and chased back after Lucas. I missed the blanket of Autumn leaves but still a lovely spot to play.

living arrows


  1. Absolutely gorgeous capture. She is getting so big. Doesn’t time fly the twins are growing up so fast too! I can’t believe it. #livingarrows

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