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Living Arrows 14

It always seems to be Lucas featuring in my Living Arrows posts but as difficult as it is to catch a photograph of him it is virtually impossible with the twins. Even if I manage to spot them being relatively still if they spot me and the camera they are on the move; I have so many photos of them that are blurry or they have their eyes shut. They are always exploring whereas Lucas will have moments of calm, like this one here. Since he was small if something scary was on the television he would hide behind the sofa. Now he is a little taller so it isn’t so much hiding as he can see right over the sofa but he will still go and stand behind it at the scary parts (such as the horrible next door neighbour in Toy Story). He is so engrossed in whatever he is watching but all of a sudden he will hop off the chair and scoot round the back of the sofa to a safer viewing position. I love these little quirks in his character, little things that make him Lucas.


living arrows


  1. Oh I love him holding the blanket!LP backs up at the scary bits until she is sitting on our laps or as close to use as she can get – I love their little quirks x

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