Plum Baby Mighty Moments Challenge


Healthy Superhero

This week we decided to undertake the Plum Baby Mighty Moment Challenge and create a healthy superhero. Our Superhero creation is Banana Boy, named after Lucas’ absolute favourite fruit! I was trying to think of a way I could get Lucas involved in the challenge; he likes superheroes and he likes fruit, he likes colouring and sticking so our picture combines all these things. I spent quite some time going through foodie magazines and cutting out pictures of fruit and vegetables all ready to let him loose with glue, he really liked the sticking part and we were able to have some chatter about what each one was. I realised although he eats A LOT of fruit some of it is prepared for him before he sees it whole; like pineapple, he had no idea what it looked like so it actually turned into a very useful activity. After all that sticking he wasn’t quite as creative as I’d hoped with the colouring so poor Banana Boy is looking a little sparse, still his John Travolta Superhero pose shows he means business!


Colouring in Banana Boy

He eagerly waited for Daddy to come home to show off his Healthy Superhero so I have given him the task of deciding on his healthy superpowers:

Banana Boy

Age: 2 ¾

Height: Big for his age

Catchphrases: No!; Narna!; Daddy Come; Chase ME!

Superpowers: Eats vast quantities of fruit in all forms; Can change junk food into banana; Able to eat more than 2 bananas in one sitting; knows if bananas are in a building.

Biography: Banana Boy developed his powers after eating a bowl of banana and custard that had been infused with a special selection of raisins, currants and various exotic dried fruits. The taste sensation had a powerful effect on young Banana Boy, who immediately began to be taken over by an overwhelming urge for bananas in any form; whole, chopped, with ice cream, in banana bread. The list goes on. Banana Boy doesn’t stop with Bananas though. No; he is able to eat titanic amounts of all fruits, many of which in perfect combination with bananas. He can identify the location of banana within a building and is able to use his immense powers of persuasion to demand and then consume them. But most importantly, and some would say most frighteningly, with the power of his mind, and his slow release energy caused by his huge potassium intake, he can turn all junk food into bananas.

This picture is our entry into the Tots100/Plum Baby Mighty Moments challenge.



  1. I love Banana boy! He looks like he might like a bit of Saturday night fever too with that pose 🙂 Z absolutely loves fruit (but not any other type of food. Unfortunately).

    • Definitely some Saturday Night Fever going on 🙂 Oh Lucas is just the same, he would eat fruit for every meal if I’d let him but everything else takes all my energy just to get him to take a bite!

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