• You should definitely visit, it would be perfect for your two. I love the other NT properties but the grounds are so big when your kids are young, Speke Hall is just the right size!

  1. Sounds like a great day out. We’ve just joined the national trust too. We have quite a few sites near us. So far I’m loving just being able to visit somewhere just for a couple of hours and not feel like you have to do everything in one visit. You’re right they are so great for families and do great family events. We must visit Speke. Your boys look to be really enjoying it.

    • You’d really love Speke, I think it’s perfect for little ones as the grounds aren’t massive so you feel like you get to do a lot in one day, there is always something going on there, we love it!

  2. Aw Hayley I love your pictures of the boys, and sounds a great day out for you. Despite only living 20 minutes away I have never been. I will definitely take Katie in the summer holidays, as looks like they always have great activities on x

    • You definitely should, I think Katie would love it. Last year they had a big go active thing on over the summer with archery and different things to do so look out for that! xx

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