1. We were there too. And queued quite a bit – although we gave up because N usually changes his mind (apart from ice cream!). We totally missed the woodland and pasture bits though The junk music looked good.

    • The junk music was up in the woodland and kept my boys entertained for ages – it was pretty quiet up there too. We just avoided all the rides but couldn’t avoid the ice cream 🙂

  2. It looks so good with so much to do. Plus the great weather helps too doesn’t it and Tatton Park is so pretty. Am definitely going to consider it for next year!

  3. Ah it was so good wasn’t it! So lovely to see you, that photo of us is lovely and we are matching too! Hee hee. I would definitely recumbent it to anyone, so much to do and such a fab experience for the kids xx

  4. Looks like you had so much fun!! Those photos are gorgeous – especially that lovely one of you and Julia at the end!! I love that they were providing free sun lotion as you went in. I am so tempted to give Geronimo a go next year, even though it is quite a way way from us.

    • Thanks Karen – Julia was on the ball and we snapped a photo really early on before we forgot! It really was a great day and I think it would be something your girls would love. Shame it’s a bit of a way for you xx

  5. Haley I flooded everyone at Geronimo all weekend and it looked so much fun for little ones. I think you are right about planning it makes such a huge difference to a day out and saves all that queueing that kids hate. But the fact is go somewhere for families there will be queues. Such lovely photos and vlog too, glad the weather was on your side x

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