1. Aww I LOVE this post Hayley! Having a little twin team is SO much fun isn’t it? Some days it can be hard but mostly it’s a real joy. I love seeing how my boys are developing and how their relationship changes. It’s a real privilege. Your little guys are SO beautiful — they look JUST like their mama!! 🙂 xx

  2. I thought the same when Meme went to school, I honestly thought I would have lots of time, I don’t. I can’t believe how fast time goes – i feel like me and Harri are constantly doing the school run. ps – Harri is 2 and half and is fully in the tantrum throwing stage!

  3. I think you’re brilliant in the way you get them out so much and their smiles say it all. I love the few hours I get with E when Z is at school. Once he’s back it switches as we have all the homework and reading to do with Z so E has to sit about and watch. Not that he complains much really right now 🙂

  4. Oh so sweet!!! I bet the days fly by – mine do too. Now that my twins are in preschool they really do go fast. The days we have off together (now 2 full days) go quickly in the week. Ahh that photo at the end is adorable xxx

  5. Thats so lovely, Hayley. I thought the same when J started school full-time. While the little one is easy-going, I rarely get more than a few minutes to myself because he’s reached an age where he wants to be doing something all the time. All my plans have gone out of the window too but our days are lovely anyway x

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