1. Sounds like such a lovely holiday. Sometimes the best holidays are the ones spent in the UK, exploring all the beautiful scenery and enjoying fish and chips on the beach.

  2. Wales is freezing in Winter isn’t it? We went to Prestatyn for a few days earlier this year, late March which isn’t winter but it was bitter and there was still snow making an appearance! But, we had a lovely time and it was nice to get away for the first time just the three of us!
    Awh Lucas looks so tiny here!

  3. awww what a little sweetheart he looks all wrapped up and all snuggly 🙂 its amazing how fast time flies and when you look back at photos it is lovely as it brings back happy memories. BUT it can also make you a little sad as you realsie how fast out children ae growing. well, thats how I feel anyway! your little holiday sounds perfect and i hope you will soon be there again
    thank you for linking up x x

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