1. It sounds so wonderful. We have driven to Paris but that was before kids. The length of that kind of journey with the girls does worry me. It’s reassuring to see that the boys coped with the journey. All your photos are wonderful and I can’t wait to read more about your holiday x

    • Going there was much better than coming back and honestly driving in France is the easy bit! I think I maybe should have given the kids more credit, I was so nervous about it but they were amazing xx

  2. Ah it looks SO good and I love your video. Your mums garden looks humoungous and that chateau is just so French and magical. I would never think of France as a v kiddie friendly place but it looks like you all really loved it!

    • I think it’s similar to most of Europe, they just accept kids everywhere, whatever you’re doing! They seem so much more relaxed about that than we are, they are big on families! We did love it!

  3. Looks like all the Smiths had an amazing time in France. It must have been lovely enjoying the long Summer evenings with your Mum & the boys. You certainly had fantastic weather, I bet the boys are wondering what this awful British weather is after all that glorious French sunshine.

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