1. Love the video! What a cute idea. I really should be taking videos to document for my daughter because wow seeing your sons in video is really different than just the pictures! Also, I’m glad you made it into the video too.. very important!

    • It’s a Mazda 5 and it’s fantastic, it just fits three 1+ car seats across the back but there is also two seats in the back which fold down. It has sliding doors too which I love! We had to shop around when we found out we were having twins and this is a great option for three kids 🙂

  2. Gorgeous video, I love Lucas’ face wearing his Dad’s gloves and then the sight of him fast asleep in the back of the car, far too cute!

    Thanks for lining up with Moving Pictures xxx

  3. It’s not just you! I really, really struggle to remember to do both video and photos. I can remember one or the other for a certain period of time, but I simply can’t remember to switch across after I have filmed and take a still. I do half wonder if the cure might be two cameras?

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