1. Kat Brown

    I really loved to Patrick Rothfus books that Anton recogmended me, I know you were going to read them too. What did you think? Or have you not got around to them yet?

    • I love them too, I’m just a few chapters into the second one but I need a good long quiet spell to get stuck into them. Just loved the first one, one of the best fantasy books I have read in a VERY long time. They are so long though!

  2. Hayley Thorpe

    Lovely list! I’ve just finished The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge. Technically a YA novel but found the main character throughly engaging and a great, easy read. I too enjoyed The Night Circus and have been trying to find something as good since. The Paper Magician was good, with an interesting premise, but not quite as well written perhaps. And I loved Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children too. If you come across anything else in a similar vein, I would love to know!

    • I feel the same, it’s hard to find something similar to it. I think The Time Travellers wife is similar in terms of the relationship and Something Wicked This Way comes is similar in the quirkiness, there is nothing quite like it though. I’ve been wanting the read Miss Peregrine’s for a while, might invest in that one and I’ll look for the The Lie Tree, I love YA fiction!

    • I was surprised how much I like Of Mice and Men, sometimes those type of books don’t live up to what you’d expect. I think you’d like A Year Of Living Danishly, a good light read xx

  3. I loved water for elephants. The movie is oooook to watch too. I definitely need to read mice and men though. Lots of my friends did it at school but I seemed to miss that one!

    • I’m tempted by the movies for one reason only, although I think my Robert Pattinson crush may have passed! I missed Mice and Men too but it’s good, I can see why it would be good to study in highschool, plus it is super short!

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