1. Ha! The photo of your husband on the gate really made me laugh.
    I’m jealous that you got a baby shower. A friend said she was going to organise one for me and then didn’t. I was gutted.
    I’m really enjoying these posts from you, it’s lovely to read a series like this 🙂

    • Oh no, how awful that you were offered one and then it didn’t happen! I think they are starting to become more popular over here, it was a nice day. Thank you for your comment xx

  2. Katie @mummydaddyme

    Your baby shower looks really fun, I have never been to one nor had one thrown for me. I really would like to go to one sometime but none of my friends seem to have them. Maybe when one of my good friends gets pregnant I will throw her one! x

    • We had a lovely day, I’m doing a (surprise) one for my sister-in-law which I’m really looking forward to, they are good fun to organise. It’s nice to be able let your baby chatter out with other mums! Sounds like we need to start some sort of blog baby shower for you mums who haven’t had one 🙂 xx

  3. Oh Hayley! I think your hubs should stay behind that gate;) lol. Looks like a fun baby shower. We are all happy and excited and waiting for more update. Blog baby shower sounds like fun! I am sure to be there, too.

    Scudds x

  4. your husband looks like he was enjoying putting those stair gates up more than he should be lol!
    i remember spending ages looking at what items we should get baby like cots, moses baskets, buggies etc… awww i loved it though so exciting.
    i was thrown a surprise baby shower too and i was blown away by how much i received! you look so well in the photos x x

    • Baby showers are a great way to get things you need, I’m throwing one for my sister in law but it’s her second boy so we are giving her loads of supplies, nappies, sudocrem, infacol etc! Lots of fun, I loved baby shopping for the little bits but I found the big items stressful because there was so much choice! You have no idea until you have a baby what’s out there, lol xx

  5. What fun – can you believe a friend of mine offered to throw me a baby shower and I said, no, don’t worry cos I didn’t really know what one was! I must have been mad! That’s pregnancy hormones for you… Glad you had a lovely time. I share your appreciation of cake xx

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