1. Sorry to hear they have been poorly, I’m dreading chicken pox! What a lovely moment between them to witness. I hope that you enjoy your family day out.
    Becky #mycapturedmoment xx

  2. I really don’t envy you having three little ones to get through the Pox, but at least it’s done now. It’s so sweet that the twins comforted each other – that’s the beautiful capture moment! I hope you plan something fab to enjoy together when everyone is back to full strength! #MyCapturedMoment

  3. Oh your poor boys 🙁 We haven’t had the pox here at all and I am dreading when it comes. I hope they are pox free as soon as posisble! x

  4. Oh bless them both, I hope they are feeling much better this week. I find it hard enough to deal with just one child when she isn’t well so I can’t imagine how you begin to cope with two poorly little ones. I think you did the right thing in having some early nights!

  5. Oh your poor babies. Hope you’ve capitalised on all those sleepy cuddles and that they’re feeling lots better by now. I hate seeing my girls unwell but I love the cuddles and the clinginess. Does that make me a bad person? Hope not. Thank you so much for linking up to #mycapturedmoment xx

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