1. Aww Hayley that is so lovely. They were babies when I first met you and look at the gorgeous little boys they have blossomed into.
    It must have been so hard to see any normality any time soon in the early days but you’ve come so far. Happy birthday Boo and Bear 🙂

    • Thanks Emma, I know it seems so stange that we’ve known each other so long already. Time flies when you’re blogging, won’t be long till you have another added to you family! xx

  2. I just can’t believe they are 3 years old. Time has sped by way too quickly and they look like proper little boys now. Very cute at that, and so lovely to hear that they talk non stop. The morning routine made me chuckle 🙂 my sister in law has idenitical twin brothers now in their 30s and there are times she still can’t tell them apart physically but there are certain characteristics about them that make you realise who is who. Your lovely boys sound like they might be a lot of fun at preschool 🙂

    • I can’t wait to see my boys grow up and see how they change. I’m so curious to see if one of them wants to make themselves look different when they’re older – it’s funny she still has times when she can’t tell them apart, I think I’ll be the same! Those teachers won’t know what’s hit them when they get to pre-school!

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