1. Aww I love this post and completely agree with you. Photo’s for me. Sadly I lost my engagement ring just after having G and we hadn’t had time to update the insurance with it so sadly I have never replaced it. x

    • Oh, that is such a shame! I hope you can replace it eventually with something even more special, I would be sad if I lost mine but at least it CAN be replaced, so many photographs can’t xx

  2. I agree with you. My most valuable things are my photobooks of Lyla, photographs on my computer, and then definitelyyyy my books. I have a whole library full of books I’ve highlighted and written in the margins. These things don’t cost a lot of money but they’re my valuables!

    • I love that you have books with things written in, I always think they are so much more personal then. If I pick up second hand books with things like that I love it, there is someones history in them!

  3. Oh I love this post. I have things like this that I treasure too and a box in the loft. Photos are high on my list, and a Thomas Sabo bracelet that has charms from the whole of mine and Hubby’s relationship. There are so many things I would hate to lose x

  4. Hayley I completely agree with you, mine after family and Toby would be photographs, everything else could be replaced but photos and the boys first memory box are priceless, such a lovely post x

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