1. Hayley it looks so fab, I love the colours its so bright and cheerful. Its so funny as they get older and develop their own style, out two have such strong opinions on style now. But you are right there has to be a balance xx

  2. Love what you’ve done here Hayley! My littlest’s room is small, too, so it’s good to get ideas for how to place the furniture etc so that she has room to play. I too have seen some nice lampshades in IKEA- do they do the cloud one still or is that too babyish? #HomeEtc

  3. What a gorgeous little room! You are very wise to not go down the superhero route – my son is Star Wars mad and begged for a Star Wars themed bedroom. It’s almost completed (it has taken forever to get him to decide what he actually wants in there!), and i’m really hoping that he doesn’t move onto some other craze as soon as it’s done! πŸ˜‰ xxx #HomeEtc

  4. That is clever wallpaper for a little space Hayley β€” vertical stripes will make it seem much taller and give the illusion of space and height. What a fab little room for a little boy! I love the map on the wall and all the little adventure references β€” Just GORGEOUS! πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for linking up with us darling! Caro x #HomeEtc

  5. It looks great Hayley. I love the map, cushions, bedding and brightness. I hope he is loving it.

    We are approaching doing our kids rooms as they look dire with drawing on the walls and generally no theme to them, but I am dreading the same opinions and specifics being dictated by a 5yr old haha I struggle with the clutter and little bits they hang onto so need to find some baskets or whatever to keep them all tidy x

  6. It looks lovely, perfect for a little boy. I know what you mean about it being difficult as they get older as they start to have opinions. O was adamant he wanted a Lightning McQueen bedroom but I just couldn’t being myself to put that wallpaper up, especially when he is likely to get bored with it. The compromise was I chose the wallpaper and he had some Lightning wallstickers. He does still keep asking when the matching wallpaper is coming though! xx

  7. That’s such a fab room Hayley. I love all the little touches! We are just planning H room at the moment and he is insisting on Star Wars but I don’t really fancy Darth Varder wall paper myself!!!
    Carly x

  8. Oh Hayley, this room looks awesome. I love all the colours and the photos and prints on the wall. You have so many gorgeous pieces in here, such as the house shelf, the rhino bookend and all those fab cushions. #HomeEtc (I’m sorry that it has taken me so long to comment). Hugs Lucy xxxx

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