1. You would have laughed at me today. Our garden is a tip and I stood outside for about half an hour, with my hands on my hips, and was paralysed unable to tell which were plants and which were weeds. I’m facing the garden whilst typing this and I still don’t know. So however limited you think your skills are … there’s always worse 😉

  2. It’s all taking shape so well and it’s great that it’s a whole family project that you can all be proud of and enjoy the reaping the rewards of your hard work. It’s great to get Lucas involved with the gardening and a chance for him to explore nature hands on. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  3. There’s something intensely satisfying about getting one’s hands stuck into the dirt with gardening, even as an adult. A great excuse to get mucky! 🙂 I bet your garden will look fab once it’s established and you’ll have so much fun getting it there. Good luck! Popping over from #countrykids

  4. Gardening together like that is just the best – a bit of work and you soon start to see the changes it makes and that spurs you on to do more and more!

    Thanks ever so much for joining in x

  5. Oh look at him doing his planting! He is just so gorgeous! I wanted to start teaching LP about planting and things this year but she really doesn’t have a clue! x

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