1. I love posts like this. They’re so nice to read. I’m not a big fan of violence but I love Game of Thrones. But they keep killing all of my favourite characters! I love Radio 1 at the mo which is hugely surprising as before we moved to Switzerland, I was really sick of it. Maybe the music that’s around right now just suits me.

    • I’m not sure it’s the type of music on the radio more the fact I don’t know any of it, I’ll be one of those mums who never knows anything in the charts!! I watch every Game of Thrones episode in fear of them killing off Jon Snow…even then I know I’ll still have to watch it.

  2. Still need to watch Game of Thrones! And yes I used to be able to watch all those gross CSI shows while I was eating and the blood and guts never bothered me but now that I’m older it makes me a little squeamish!

    • Thank you Katie, ohh yes we cannot wait for Summer. He works pretty much flat out on week nights so we really make the most of him having time off, both as a couple and him as a father x

  3. Katy

    Hiya Hay, we listen to Chris Evans on radio 2 while we have our breakfast, they play recent stuff as well as older, but I switch off when Jeremy vine comes on! Also if you get the spotify app you can listen to music free and the Zane lowe playlist is really good! Whatever you don’t like you can just skip to the next one

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