1. These seem like nice achievable goals and aren’t dissimilar to the ones I have set myself. I want to try and make time for Mads when we are in the house- I all too easily let her play by herself or watch tv, while I just sit there or tidy up around her. I need to get more actively involved in her playing.
    I also want to have more family days and read more, I used to read a book a week before Mads was born but now, with blogging as well, I never seem to have the time. I don’t even have a book on the go at the moment.

    • I’m the same as you in that Lucas is so happy to play on his own I take it for granted when I should engage more with him. I’m sure you will get some lovely family days this year, soon with a family of four. Not sure that will help with the reading though! xx

  2. you have done well to write them down for all to see!!! no backing out now. I need to sit down and write mine down – i am rubbish! right having seen this i must get mine up over the weekend!
    I think your goals are very realistic and achievable and i was nodding my head to most of them myself!
    i wish you luck in succeeding and happy new year x x

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