1. We need a trip in to H&M, Home Bargain & a festive drink in Costa when I am up at the end of the month. I am loving your 5 finds this month, that necklace is beautiful and I like the colour of the headband too. Very Autumnal.

  2. I popped into Home Bargains yesterday as I hadn’t been in for months and came out £40 poorer. Got some great Star Wars things too for the teen for Christmas. I love those notebooks, and great that they are all different. Love that you are embracing bullet journalling. And I love the mustard colour and think it would look fantastic with your hair colouring x

  3. Hayley I love that yellow headband..its my fave colour this time of year and I am on the hunt for a snuggly jumper in that colour but can’t find the perfect shade!
    And the necklace? Hello! You can’t go wrong for a quid! I may have to nip back to our H&M and see what they have. A great haul for this month… your blog always reminds me I need to read more xx

    • I got a jumper a similar colour from the mens department in Primark but it’s not very soft and snuggley which is a shame! I have only managed to get back into reading now the twins are older, I had no chance the first two years of their life!! xx

  4. What lovely things! I think you should definitely press on with the headband, it’s really cool and I love the colour too. I can never resist a little gold necklace either! I need to start shopping for stocking fillers, it soon creeps up doesn’t it. I miss living round the corner from Home Bargains! X

  5. We went into Home Bargains today to buy bits for shoe boxes and you are so right! I’m going to head back to buy some Star Wars things for the boys’ stockings. They are Star Wars mad, despite knowing very little about it. It’s amazing how they seem to know things. It is one of the best shops in the world!!!! x

    • Lucas watches the films now with his Dad (who is SO happy that he loves it) but he’s the same, he likes loads of stuff that he hasn’t even seen, I think it comes from school. I think I’ve got pretty much all their stocking fillers from Home Bargains, I was amazed at what they had! xx

  6. I don’t think I could live without Home Bargains or as I call it Home and Bargain (I’m sure it was called that many years ago,although I am probably imagining it) I just love the fact that you never know what you are going to find in there and the prices are just right for a frugal lady like myself. That headband is such a pretty colour, I tried a black one on but it looks odd on my head ha ha!
    I’m really trying to get back into reading especially since my sister has given me her old Kindle. I still always seem to find a 1000 to do instead. Sounds like you’ve got your hands full too. Looking forward to the festive stuff next month, I suspect we will all be very merry xx

    • I actually call it Home and Bargain too, I try to remember to correct myself when I write about it! Where are you from? I think the first one opened in Liverpool and it was actually Home and Bargain so that’s why a lot of people in the North West still call it that! Yes, the headband still looks odd my head!! I should have definitely tried it on in the shop, it’s never going to look right I think I’ll have to give up on it but glad it isn’t just me xx

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