1. I reallllly want the light between the oceans to have a good ending too. I’ve seen the trailer to the movie and I think there’s going to be good, although heartwrenching. Lucas looks so cute with his glasses, they suit him so much! 🙂

    • I’ve finished the book of The Light Between Oceans now and the ending is fine but the whole thing is just SO sad, I’m not sure even Michael Fassbender will tempt me to watch it in the cinema as I will embarrass myself crying, I watched the trailer too and it does look like a beautiful film xx

  2. I love that its almost Autumn & I can’t wait to make my home all Hygge. I feel I am going to embrace that way of life and enjoy every minute of being warm and snug at home. I love Lucas’ new glasses and think he looks adorable in them.

  3. I love Autumn too! I’ve heard lots of people mention the Hygge book, I picked it up in Tesco the other day but put it back as I didn’t think I ‘needed’ it. Might see if my library has it! I read LBO a few years ago and loved it, but my goodness was it sad!
    Love the style of this post Hayley, would you mind if I used it as inspiration for my own? xx

    • Not at all, please go ahead, I’d love to read it. I borrowed it from someone else too 🙂 I finished LBO and my gosh it was intense, I’m not sure I’m up to watching the film. I got my hygge book from tesco, I know what you mean though not really a book you need but it is actually quite an interesting read, some cool stuff in there xx

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