1. Oh no chicken pox. Really knocks them out doesn’t it. I’ve become a bit of a freak with the tripod and have begun carrying it everywhere. I actually saw another family hunting for a photo spot with their camera and tripod on Saturday. Shame Mr H wasn’t there as he still doesn’t quite get it! I hope you manage to get that photo outdoors you want honey. Otherwise this is still a gorgeous capture, you’ll certainly remember the chicken pox! x #MeandMine

    • I’m sure I will drive my husband demented when the tripod arrives, he already rolls his eyes when Me and Mine rolls round, next month I am determined to be outside, even if it is just the garden! xx

  2. Oh goodness, poor little fella. I hope he feels better soon. Love your natural shots though, shows what life is really like at home. Have a fab March #MeAndMine xx

  3. Gorgeous family capture this month Hayley. Looks like you got your hands full but don’t amazing with it all and having it all under control. I give you a huge high five hun. #meandmine

  4. Aww poor Lucas 🙁 I think here in the US they give kids chicken pox vaccines so they don’t get chicken pox anymore? Or maybe it just lowers their chances? I’m not entirely sure haha. I hope he feels better. I think the photo ended up looking adorable as is!

  5. Hayley, I love your Me & Mine project and the fact that the photo’s are “natural” will mean so much more when everyone has grown up. It’s a window into your lives at that point in time – Awesome. I may just have to try to get more shots of my crew all together!!

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