1. Gorgeous photos Hayley I really love the idea of this project and always love to look at your family photos. Respect to you for managing to take the photos with you all in, I know it is so hard! x

  2. Ahh bless them, I have many photos which are similar! Now I always carry chocolate buttons in my bag when I have a Me & Mine shot in mind to bribe the kids with. Doesn’t always work though. Sounds like you’ve had a lovely month; hope June is just as great x

  3. I love your photos this month, all outdoorsy and symbolic of family time. It sounds like you’ve had some much needed time together and YAY for husbands getting on board with the Me & Mine! x

  4. Absolutely gorgeous honey. Yay for the gorilla pod. For one of ours in May we wrapped it around the scooter! Anywhere which is perfect. I love it so much x

    • Oh I know, it’s ridiculous isn’t it? My poor husband, I think he wishes he could see some of him in them! They are really the image of my brother when he was younger, it’s spooky xx

  5. I love looking back on our pictures and however much H fake grumbles about having the pictures taken I know he likes that we have them too. Our first Me and Mine pics are on our bedroom wall and it’s amazing to see how much has changed in such little time!

  6. Aww, I love Delamere Forest. It’s the nicest place. I have a strong-willed one too. I sometimes feel sorry for my littlest because he just gets dragged along. It’ll be all change come September though. I’m dreading J being at school full-time but love the idea of spending more time with M.

  7. Ive never seen the Joby Gorillapod before, but it looks amazing. We have a huge tripod and its a pain to carry, brilliant idea! It sounds like you had a lovely day out, a day filled with laughter is the best kind!

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