1. Poor, little thing. They’re still so young, aren’t they. I think this year is one of the hardest. Going from being carefree to having to sit and listen for so many hours a day. Thank heavens for frequent holidays. It’s only now I’ve realised how much children need those breaks (and teachers, too) xx

  2. Ah bless him, it has so taken it out of him hasn’t it? It sounds like he so needed this break to refresh and hopefully he will be ready to get back into it. We forget how hard it felt being young and the silly little things we worried about that at the time felt so huge x

  3. Poor Lucas I really feel for you both, it’s tough for him but also for us, I would just want to keep him at home with me but I know that’s not the solution.

    Hopefully a couple of weeks rest will make him feel ready for the next and final term!! X

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