Arthur At Four Months



Arthur is our little laid back baby, so content and happy. He’ll sit quietly when chaos is happening around him, he sleeps easily when he is ready to, he doesn’t flinch when Lucas is being his loudest. Even when he’s crying we can usually get a smile out of him, he just can’t help it! I love how we can see their different personalties now, Arthur isn’t always bothered about being with me, he is happy to be with anyone as long as they chat to him and cuddle.

At four months he weighs 13lb4oz, he has one front bottom tooth cut through and another on the way. He smiles and has just started to giggle, especially at tickling. He will sometimes roll onto his side but that seems to be more of a shock to him than anyone else. He loves bath time and splashes away all the way though and he likes to suck on the side of his hand (not his thumb) to get to sleep. He is often to one turning his head to catch a peek of Brandon and give him some quick chatter and a grin.

This is quite a nice baby age as we are getting some more interaction from him, he’ll reach out for toys and bat at things. If he spots anything brightly coloured he has an intense look of concentration, big eyes and pursed lips, and he clutches his hands together like he’s formulating a cunning plan. His favourite toy is a stripy zebra rattle, something magical about that rattle will keep both of them amused for ages. He can spend a little bit of time in the Bumbo now which is incredibly exciting to him; a new view of everything!

One of my favourite parts of the day with Arthur is going in to get him for the last feed at 10.30pm when he wakes up sleepily, wriggles and stretches, usually wakes Brandon up with a swift tap to the head and slowly opens eyes; he will smile as he realises we are there. Such a happy baby, my beautiful Arthur.

Arthur Collage

In case you can’t tell, we always try to dress Arthur in blue!


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