1. I love this monthly post I really should start joining in with it. I’ve been using the lacura day moisturiser for ages and need a new eye cream so I will take a look. The Kinders are a bargain they are £1 each at our local shop the kids do love them though.

    • You should join in, I love going through and seeing what people have bought each month. I’m looking forward to trying these, so many people have told me good things about the Lacura range – they have a new day cream out too so I may go back for that! xx

  2. Wow I agree if Vicki says an eye cream is good I believe her, I will have to invest! I have bought some of those Kinder Joys too as Sam loves them, we have been eating far too much chocolate in our house the past few weeks! 🙂 Thanks for joining in! x

  3. I have heard so many good things about the eye cream, and wow how gorgeous is the packaging. How can it be less than a fiver. I think I need to visit aldi asap as those lights are gorgeous too. The book sounds interesting and something I wouldn’t normally read, but I am trying to push my ‘book boundaries’ this year. Great items Hayley x

    • I was so impressed with the packaging of the eye cream,the serum is the same, so nice and you can’t beat that price. I’ve been using them both for a couple of weeks and they’re fab! xx

  4. Hayley that cream looks so posh! Haha I may have to have a nosy when I am next in Aldi!
    I love those lights too – they would be fab for the “Unicorn” room we are planning for Megan when we move. At 2.99 I can pop them away!

    oh yes and its been such a drag to get back into life this new year x

    • A Unicorn room sounds amazing!! Yes, they would be perfect, they also had some flower ones as well when I went in yesterday, such a great price. You should definitely try out the skincare, I was impressed with the posh packaging! xx

  5. Sounds like I need to get myself down to Aldi. I am so rubbish at looking after my skin, but it is something I know I will regret as I get older. I am so interested. Do you like it? those bookplates are fantastic. I love the design and what a great idea. I am the world’s biggest fan of Kinder. Those mini bars are my favourite! x

    • I don’t wear a lot of make up so I figure I should probably invest in skincare instead! I didn’t really bother in my 20’s but Vicki who told me about the Aldi eye cream is a real life friend and her blog is fab for recommendations, she’s the one who made me start a skincare routine and stop using wipes to clean my face! Both the Aldi eye cream and serum are great…the serum smells a bit odd to me but it doesn’t stick around, such an amazing price! I can’t buy the mini kinder bars in for the boys as I’ll just eat them myself 🙂 xx

  6. What the what?? I keep seeing kinder joys everywhere but I thought they were just some new toy range. I need to get some tomorrow now! And oh I so need more eye cream. I’ve actually finished an entire jar for the first time in my life.

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