1. I relate to the difference in time spent with siblings, but for me it was when Emily was little. I felt that she got a hard deal as she was just having to fit around what I did with Freyja. Now she gets lots of time with me. And she has some crazy chats with me. It will be so odd when she starts school.
    Love the photos with your gorgeous boys x

    • Yes, it will be strange for me too when these start school. You get so used to their little ways don’t you, I love that I get this time with them but it is so different to when Lucas was younger! xx

  2. Aaah they’re such big boys now H — where have our tiny man-cubs gone?! Loved this post — I bet if you ask the boys what they think, I bet they wouldn’t say that they’ve been shortchanged on the time front. I bet they’d say they love spending time with you — even if it’s in the house. Lovely pics pet xx

    • Thanks Caro, ah I know, where does the time go?! Every time I see a picture of your boys they look more and more grown up, I know they don’t know any different but I’m soaking up these fun days before they start nursery! xx

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