1. I am another mug buyer, I wonder if it is a blogger thing as I see so many of us seem to buy loads of them, it drives my husband mad. Love the sound of the tea too, fruit teas are really nice chilled in the summer too x

  2. How great is Aldi? I love that you can get expensive looking and quality tasting foods for uber cheap! It makes me so happy haha

    And those mugs… Oh my, I am totally heading to Asda tomorrow to get some, I love them! £1 is such a barg! x #fiveunder5

  3. That Paperchase notebook is so cute and I love the mugs, too!! The Yankee Candles at asda are such good value, I can never resist those either… I also really like the peppermint & liquorice teabags aldi do in that range, they’re gorgeous! 🙂

    Jess xo

  4. Those mugs!!!! How are they only £1 each. I’ve spotted similar ones for way more than that. What an absolute steal. They’re so cute. I keep meaning to join in with this but I inevitably end up using or eating everything before I photograph it.

  5. I’m well into fruity and floral teas at the moment – Rose is my current favourite!
    All homes should be adorned with yankee testers! I have gazillions of these hanging around and they always come in handy. I like to light one for a few hours after the pots are done from tea in the evening. Lush!

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