1. Aww Hayley what a lovely bear. Boo has a dated Minnie every year and I wanted to do the tradition for g. They had sold out!! Thankfully ingot Minnie online but don’t know what to do about G 🙁 xx

    • I am a little in love with the bear! Ah we used to do dinner Christmas Eve too before the boys came along, now I just enjoy a cosy night in with new PJs and treats. My family never really did stockings but my husbands do and us adults still get them now 🙂

  2. I love his little face. So gorgeous. And he does look lovely and cuddly and soft. I am sure your boys will adore him. I know that Little Miss H would. A gorgeous post, lovely, with some beautiful photographs. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

  3. Hahaha!!!! I LOVE this. Particularly because my beautiful goddaughter was bought a Harrods bear when she was born — Bear-Bear — and she LOVES it. It was white, when she first had it, but 10 years on it’s a revolting grey colour!! Bear-Bear isn’t as smart as the Harrods Christmas Bear, but he’s a VERY special kind of bear too! 😉 xx

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