1. Hayley these are just gorgeous, the boys are adorable. I know I say it every month but those eyes are just so beautiful. Poor Lucas I am glad he has settled a bit, Do you think the half term break caused it? It so often doe cause a bit of upset, glad he is back on track again x

  2. Oh that last photo. ❤❤❤

    Hayley, these photos are utterly stunning and I’m so pleased that you won such a fab opportunity for your family. This is exactly the kind of style I’d like if I ever booked a family photoshoot too – I much prefer outdoorsy, natural shots to studio ones.

    You are such a beautiful family. xxx

  3. I love these – oh I might just have to book in after seeing these shots there are so perfect. Love the ones of you all together and the last one in black and white, well that needs to be an album cover 😉 Such a gorgeous family, we will have to meet up again soon xxx #MeandMine

  4. These photos are lovely Hayley. I can understand why you wanted to share them. That last one is beautiful. I also really like the family shot of you all sat down.

  5. Oh what utterly GORGEOUS pictures! I hope that you’re going to frame the lot of them, and keep that one of you and your husband somewhere prominent because it’s just stunning.

  6. These are SO beautiful Hayley! You must be absolutely thrilled to bits with them! I’d love a proper photographer to come and take pics of us one day — a selfie stick doesn’t quite give you the same effect!! Love the one of you both at the end — just beautiful. Bless Lucas and his wobble… I must say I’m not surprised — even the most stoic little ones must feel a bit overwhelmed when they start school. Amazing that the twinks are soon turning two. WHERE is the time going?! xx #MeandMine

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