1. I love this post. I have twins in both sides of my family and feel like I should have had twins really by now! I think if we had another it would probably be twins! x

    • I don’t mind the questions because I would be just the same…these are the nicest ones I’ve been asked, there are a few that are pretty inconsiderate but these ones are fine xx

  2. Loved reading this Hayley and your answers…so funny! Twins are mint and its so funny the things people say because you produced 2!

    My sister and sister in law both had identical twins within a year of one another so obs 2 sets in the family now and I love hearing the things people ask them..I wonder if they realise what great entertainment they are providing!
    My faves (which I am sure you’ve had) “Were they IVF?” (sorry is that your place to ask how I conceived) “are they twins?” (my SIL is always like “errr no just thought id get 2 babies close together”) and then of course all of the above!!!

    Your boys are fab and you are doing great – x

    • Oh wow, so many twins in your family! There seem to be so much more about now, must be so much fun when all your family get together. I am always asked ‘are they twins?’ I get it if they don’t look a like but mine are just like little duplicate children so quite clearly twins. I haven’t had anyone ask directly if they are IVF but I know my MIL told me some people had asked her! It makes me sad to think they would ask someone who had had to go through all that, they don’t realise if they wanted you to know they would have told you!! xx

  3. I love this post. So interesting, and great to compare mine (even though mine are a boy & girl!). Your boys sound very close and sweet. Harry & Lottie have such an amazing bond, and can’t even play in separate rooms. Even though they fight a lot they always seem to migrate to the same space 🙂 Jess xx

    • Oh I love that Jess that they still play together even as they get older. It’s funny isn’t it how much they have little squabbles but they are always quickly forgotten. I think I’m even more interested in other twins now I’ve had them myself, always so interesting xx

  4. This is a rely interesting read. I know 4 pairs of identical twins and there’s a lot here that I see in them. One always seems to be more sociable and the other a bit more laid back. My good friend is having fraternal twins and she’s already getting questions about twins being in her family etc etc. Hers are IVF ones 🙂

  5. Having identical twins is a whole new world. I get asked ALL the time if mine are identical – I literally have no idea how in the world they think they look the same. I always say, obvs they look like sisters but they are TOTALLY different. My one bugbear question is “Are they twins?” I wrote a post on it. Ask me anything about twins but don’t ask me if they are twins. Although, stranger things have happened at sea – but it’s generally blindingly obvious they are. Like you, I would so have more – another set of twins would be AWESOME although I need to be in a relationship for that! lol! FAB post beautiful. xxx

    • Thank you lovely. You don’t know what the future holds, I have no doubt that a good relationship is in yours and you never know what that could lead to. I’m sure people think I’m mad when I say another set of twins wouldn’t phase me 🙂 Your girls are so beautiful, I know I’ve only seen photos of them but they do look similar to me. It’s the same with my boys, to me they look totally different but no one else can tell them apart! xxx

  6. BeccaM

    What a lovely post! It’s funny really, I never had much of a fascination about twins myself. I have a few friends who are twins but it’s not something I ever really wondered about.

    Now that I’ve found out I’m pregnant with twins I feel much more intrigued! I’m already mentally preparing myself for all the questions! But I can understand why people are so fascinated. I can’t quite believe my bodies managing to produce two humans at once! One seemed miracle enough! Reading posts like this just makes me even more eager to meet my little ones and discover their personalities. So exciting!

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