1. Awww, that last sentence made me a bit teary… it’s such a beautiful gift to have a sibling isn’t it, but such an utter privilege to get to raise them. It’s lovely to hear how their different personalities mesh together and it all just somehow ‘works’; my two can be so incredibly different one minute and then so similar the next and it’s so fun to watch them negotiate the world together. x

  2. Potty Mouthed Mummy

    Oh these pictures are just adorable. At the moment I am really worried about H being an only child and is he missing out on this sort of gorgeous relationship. Sigh. Gorgeous xx

  3. Beautiful pictures that really capture their relationship. And I love how you have described their relationship and the little nuances, and the bond for life. That’s exactly what I feel about my two – I’m an only child and only ever wanted a sibling, so I’m a little obsessed with seeing the relationship between my two blossom, as well as seeing all the gorgeous relationships in the #siblings project.

  4. Ah Hayley, what a beautiful post. You write straight from heart and it’s so clear how much you adore your boys. We are so blessed to have more than one hey? There’s not a day that goes by when I’m not grateful for having two beautiful children. Your boys are a real credit to you. It’s so wonderful watching them grow through your blog. Your pictures are always stunning too. You are by far one of my favourite bloggers. Thanks for sharing such a gorgeous post lovely lady. Xxxx

  5. Ah Hayley the last sentence is just gorgeous and I feel completely the same. Plus I know i say it all the time but I think these might be my favourites of yours ever. They look so cute and close snuggled up together reading. x

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