1. Really pleased and glad you got your first choice. Such a relief I bet. Hope he enjoys it when he starts in September, although it’ll be no trouble seeing as he already goes to preschool there! What a lovely photograph – you can tell how he can’t wait to get in! Jess x #mycapturedmoment

  2. The last eight months have flown by! We had to wait until this evening to find out school places but LP is going to the school attached to her preschool too – an easy transition for them I think x

  3. So pleased Lucas got into your first choice! Similar here, Skye is already attending nursery at the school she will be going to in September so it will make it much easier, was more worried last year when it was all completely new to us.

    Such a lovely photo and memory of Lucas xx

  4. Oh congratulations on getting your first place, even when you are quietly confident, you can’t be sure until you open that email, such a relief. This is a lovely photograph! He looks so cute in his trilby! He looks like he is bouncing out, so full of excitement. It’s a special Captured Moment xx

  5. Oh that’s wonderful. I think we were in a similar situation – our village school is really wonderful and we were quietly confident of getting a place but it was a huge relief to see it confirmed. Though for Kitty it’s going to be a big change, she doesn’t attend the preschool at the moment, she goes to the same nursery she’s been at since she was tiny so I think we shall have to do some practice walks to get her used to the idea!

    • Yes, it is still so nice to get it confirmed. I am sure that Kitty will love her new school, we did a few walks to pre-school before Lucas started and talked about it which I think helped. It wasn’t just sprung on him!

  6. Oh he’s obviously a happy, well adjusted little boy. I always think these ‘setting-in’ days are more for us parents than the kids. Well done on getting your first choice school. Cute captured moment too, love the hat. Thanks for linking up xx

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