• Oh don’t Caro…I am such a mess about him starting school and trying desperately to keep my cool! I nearly started crying in the supermarket because I remembered to look for something for his snack. Ahh, it’s so hard but I know he’ll love it. Thank you lovely xx

  1. I love how we are in the same position and I think we feel the same about our just turned 4 year olds going to school – I am going to miss A massively too. I’m glad I will have you for virtual support!
    These photos are gorgeous and your three boys seem to be getting closer in age as the months go by! x

    • You are right Donna, as sad as I feel I am so glad to have the exytra support online. I feel like we are all in this together, especially from you as our babies have just turned four! I’ll be thinking of you when LP starts! xx

  2. Lovely post and it’s such a significant milestone I’m not ready for either. I wish we could just pause time for a while and keep enjoying these holidays. I think I will miss Z loads too. I’m sure they will love it though and that will be our consolation I guess x if you decide to blog about that amazing cake the please could I add it to my cake post? 🙂

    • I know they will love it, after a few days I’m sure I’ll be fine. It’s just that initial morning isn’t it, and then not having them pottering around the house! Hehe…the cake was pretty good – I do love a good cake xx

  3. Such lovely photos Hayley and that cake looks amazing, I’m glad Lucas had a good birthday. He really does look too little to be going to school, I hope it goes well and he settles in nicely. I am sure he will absolutely love it. It also must be hard to have your hubby home all summer and then for him to go back to work. Lots of changes for you all and I hope they go smoothly. Xx

    • Thank you lovely…he really does look little doesn’t he, I’m getting myself into a right state I dread to think what I’ll be like Friday morning but I know he’ll have fun…I need to calm down! It’s a shock to the system when husband goes back to work, we are so lucky to have the summer together but the boys really do miss him now xx

  4. Hayley these are just so beautiful, and hasn’t this year flown it doesn’t seem long since we were all excitedly looking forward to summer. Lucas will just love school, but for you it is like the beginning of an era all so exciting all those lovely nativities and easter parades xx

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